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The Original Bugg Oway Review

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I was sent two 1 oz samples of the Original Bugg Oway for free in order to review this product. The opinions expressed in the post below are 100% my own.

It's summer time and that means flies and all sorts of insects are out around our horse barn. In order for the horses to get a little comfort & relief from those pesky, biting bugs I am constantly applying fly spray. Normally, I use whatever is easily purchased at the local farm and ranch store, but I was recently approached by Lyndra Lydy, the Original Bugg Oway creator, to see if I would be interested in trying a sample of their all natural bug spray for my horses. I jumped at the opportunity to try this new product as it is ALL NATURAL and I want minimize my exposure as well as my horses exposure to harmful chemicals. Take a close look at this ingredient list:

Mineral Oil Citronella Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Vinegar & Water. That's it! There are no hard to pronounce ingredients and it's all things I have heard of before.

I could not wait to try this spray out and decided to put the Original Bugg Oway to the ultimate test. This past weekend, we hauled the horses to a Cowboy Mounted Shooting event I competed in located near Poteau, Oklahoma. This venue has had plenty of rain in the past few weeks and lots of heat; the bugs were out in full force and loving the humidity. Within a matter of minutes my horse, Elvis, was covered in stable flies and a had a huge horse fly biting at him. I followed the instructions and shook the bottle very well to ensure all of the ingredients were adequately blended together and began spraying all the Original Bugg Oway all over my horse. The first thing I noticed was this product smelled terrific compared to those commonly used fly sprays found at the local feed store. I definitely noticed the citronella oil smell and so did the flies that were around. After about 2 minutes the flies were off of my horse. This product works as advertised! The only drawback I noticed was I did get a small amount of product on my fingers during application; it was a tiny bit greasy feeling, but washed off easily with soap and water. There was not a greasy residue at all on my horse and I do feel as if the mineral oil & lemongrass oil in this product helped his sheen. This product worked throughout the day and I was able to shoot my match without the worry of the insects bothering Elvis. Here's a photo from the competition this weekend:

According to the founder of Cowgirl Creations Intl LLC and the creator of "Original Bugg Oway" the product can be used on all farm animals including horses, cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, fowl, dogs & cats. The all natural spray repels stable flies, horse flies, ticks, fleas & mosquitoes. Cowgirl Creations also recommends spraying it on the floors of your barn & kennels to repeal the flies as well.

You can order the Original Bugg Oway by click here calling Lyndra at 877-585-4112 or send her an email at cowgirlcreationsintl@yahoo.com The Original Bugg Oway is extremely economical at $17.99 for a 32 ounce bottle and we will be using it around our barn this summer.

That Bugg Off is good stuff for fleas, fly's, tick's dale, I used to use it here, the fly's were real bad and it worked great. I had as many as 30 brood mares I was breeding at one time and it worked great. -  Dale Hahn


"Billy and I would like to say how grateful we are for "The Original Bugg - Off" spray. Lucy and Roho are "flea free" and happy because of your excellent product and we will never be without it. I love the natural ingredients and the fresh lemon smell and not only is it providing the protection for our dogs, it is a first-class mosquito and fly repellant for me. With many, many thanks, Sandy & Billy"


"Original Bugg Oway is great. It is the only spray we use on our puppy risk. She's protected and I don't have to worry about her and the kids playing after i spray her." - Risk and her family

"Here at the ranch we use "THE ORIGINAL BUGG OWAY" spray.
Keeps flies away, and keeps our horses happy!" -LT

"I just want to say this product is awsome i have used it on my horses , cats ,dogs , turkeys an even my pet squirrel it worked wonderful and i wasn't worried about it harming my pets because it is all natural. Thanks for making a product thats safe to use." thanks - Cissie Dearman

I just love “The Original Bugg Oway”. I love that it smells good enough for me to wear during fly season! There are no chemicals used so it’s even good for my horse’s hair. Made of all natural products, I can even spray it on my grain bins when the piss ants want to take over and it takes care of them with no adverse reaction to my horse’s health. To me it’s a “cure all” during fly and insect season. - Tracy

Im with and work with horse's all day everyday' and THE ORIGINAL BUGG OWAY" is an awesome product'... I like that its made with all natural products and I use it on all my animals, even if I get the over sprays on me or around my horses and dogs face I don't get worried because there are no chemicals so its safe for all of us. It also has a great smell to it and natural oils keep my horse's hair healthy..
Getcha some! ... - Wayne

Some Of Our Other Customers


Thank you again for being a part of our March & April boxes. We've recently received our survey results and we're glad to report subscribers had great things to say about The Original Bugg Off.

More than half (54%) of our subscribers mentioned they liked the fragrance and effectiveness of The Original Bugg Off.
68% of subscribers said they would purchase The Original Bugg Off in the future.

On a scale of 1-10 The Original Bugg Off received an average score of 8.

The only bit of constructive criticism we did receive was that the sample did not specify ingredients.

We sent boxes out to: CA, TX, GA, NY, CT, NC, FL, NE, IA, IL, TN & WA. CA having the most subscribers and WA having the least.

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